Where Can I Download Free Audio Books?


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Mark Westbrook answered
The best place to get free audio books from is to downloaded them illegal from the internet.  I should point out however, that these are completely illegal and I am not suggesting that you do it, only that you can find them this way.  You have to ask, who would make audio books for you to listen to for free? Maybe if you had vision issues, they might give you 'books for the blind' - books on CD or tape, read by volunteers or actors.

Most downloadable content available illegal can be found by downloading programmes that allow their users to share media between each other. 

If I were the kind of person who did that, I would have hundreds of audio books from programmes such as Kazaa or Limewire.

If you wish to buy quality audio books, you can do this from audible.com and via the ITunes website, I have many of these and am never disappointed with them.

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