How can a person publish a book? Im 14 and don't have a reliable source of income to self publish, so how can i get a publisher to publish my book?


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A buddy of mine just published his own. However,  he connected with an online distributor that only prints copies when hey are ordered, and so it didnt cost him anything besides small fee per book that is sold. I dont have the company name but hopefully this will get you in the right direction.

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Theodore Putnam
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Thank you, but I have one question. Dd your buddy get any money from a book sold?
Soul Fly
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Yes. However, you could also make your writings into an E-book and cut the cost of physical publication. Marketing the story to be sold will take time and work.
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You won't get a publisher to touch it but you can do it yourself with virtually no cost by using Create Space (an Amazon subsidiary). They do a nice job on them.

The only expense I had was the cover design which can be done very cheaply and is worth the cost.

Check out how they did my book: The Mistress of Dimmiga Berg.

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Hi, friend. You can publish the book in different social networks. My favorite social network is TikTok. There I shoot funny videos and get a lot of subscribers. However, I didn't know how to add text to the TikTok before, but then I found this article . I think it will also be useful for you if you use TikTok.

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