Give Some Information On Giridhar And Vrind (Poets) Please?


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Vrind and Giridharwere poets during what is called the Ritikal or the Scolastic period in Hindi literature.
Authentic Hindi literature is divided in to four stages: the Adikal - the Early Period from the C10 to the early C14, The Bhaktikal or Devotional Period C14-C17, Ritikal or the Scholastic Period which covered the period from the end of the C17 to the C19 and the Adhinikkal which is known as the Modern Period.
Giridhar and Vrinda belonged to the Ritikal or Scholatic Period. These poets were divided into two groups- the Ritibaddha (rhetorics) and the Ritmunkta the latter being poets who were free from rhetorical conventions.
These poets were well known for spontaneous verse and didactic poetry composesed in 'stray' verses.
The poetry of this Scolastic Period was very powerful and often had love as a theme.

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