Who Is The Author Of "Where's Waldo"?


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Martin Handford is the author of "Where is Waldo". This children's book has the same features but different names in 28 different countries. Martin Handford first created "Where is Wally" as it is called in the United Kingdom and England in 1987. For years to come; the book was translated into several languages and the main character's name and personality changed from country to country. Wally became Charlie in France, Waldo in USA, Willy in Norway, Walter in Germany, Holger in Denmark etc. Martin Handford was born in year 1956 in London. He has been a dedicated and diligent children's book writer since hid early age; however, he became very famous in the early 1990 with the series of "Where is Waldo". At the beginning of his carrier, he used to make illustration of crowds.

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