Who Is The Author Of Ramayan?


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The author of the Ramayana was the sage Valmiki. There is an interesting story about Valmiki. Before renouncing the world and becoming a sage, Valmiki was a bandit, a ruthless one at that, and went by the name Ratnakara. One day when he ambushed a sage, the sage made him understand that while everyone wanted a part of his wealth, no one wanted any part of the infamy that came with being associated with Ratnakara. This prompted him to see the folly of his ways and he did severe penance and became a sage.

The Ramayana is a sacred text and one of the epics of Hinduism. It is the story of Lord Rama, who is considered one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and talks about his life on earth. The Ramayana is a monumental work, and is one of the most widely read Hindu texts. The eipic, besides being a story of the triumph of good over evil, functions at many levels.

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