Can You Name Some Famous Poets?


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There have been various famous poets during different periods in history. They have been famous for distinct reasons. If we start mentioning the famous poets from the Greek era, the very first name that might come to mind is Homer. He is, probably, the founder of Epic in Europe. His famous works include "Iliad" and "Odyssey".  We have various other poets in Greek era as well. E.g. We have Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles. But these poets were more into play writing.  After the Greek period, we have the Roman period. In this period we find Virgil writing Aeneid. The next famous era in English Literature is The Middle Ages, in which we see poets like Chaucer, Gower, Guillaume de Lorie etc. But Chaucer is probably the most famous of all.  When we come to the Renaissance and Elizabethan period, we come across some of the giants of English Poetry like Milton and Shakespeare. Though Shakespeare is more known for his plays but still he was in poetry as well and his plays also had strong poetic dialogues. Many of his dialogues can be treated as separate individual poems.  With the end of the Renaissance we move onto the next golden era of English Poetry i.e. The Romantic Age. Here, in this era, we again find some of the Titans of English poetry. These  poets include Coleridge, Wordsworth, Blake, Keats, Dryden etc.  In the modern and post modern age, we have poets like Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Emily Bronte, Ted Hughes, John Ashebury, Sylvia Plath, Seamus Heaney etc.
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There are many famous poets. William Shakespeare is one of them and is well known for his sonnets and other poems. Geoffrey Chaucer was also well known for his 'Canterbury Tales' series, most of which was written in verse, and he also produced a few short poems. Other famous poets include T.S Eliot, Emily Dickinson, John Milton, Dylan Thomas, W.B. Yeats, Arthur Rimbaud.

Poets which played a major part in the Romantic Movement include William Wordsworth, John Yeats, Edgar Allan Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo. Many of these were leading figures in Romanticism.

There are also a number of famous resting places for poets and many of these places have become famous for literary visits. These places include Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey, Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris and Protestant Cemetary in Rome. Many famous poets are also buried at the English Cemetary in Italy and the Mount Auburn Cemetary in Massachusetts is where poets such as Amy Lovell, Henry Wadsworth Longsfellow, Julia Ward Howe and Robert Creeley are buried.
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Yeats, Keats, Shakespeare, just to name a few. Though most people do not see him as a poet, his writing surely is indicative of the type of language used in poetry. Hope this helped.

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