What plot of summer solstice by nick Joaquin?


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Summer Solstice by Nick Joaquin is a controversial short story based closely on Filipino culture and tradition. Many books written by Filipino authors focus on real life culture and will use real life situations to form a story around.

The book is written to reflect some of the traditions of the Philippines alongside the fictional story line which continues throughout the book. Much of the short story is made up of the conversation between a Filipino family throughout their daily experiences.

The time in which this story is said to be set is during the move from Hispanic to a more American way of life. As well as the traditional cultural perspective, the story also conveys a religious slant focusing highly on Paganism and Christianity. In addition to the cultural, traditional and religious elements of this story, Nick Joaquin also tried to portray aspects of feminism and fertility.

In 1978, the short story of Summer Solstice was made into a play which went by the name of Tatarin. Tatarin was in fact the original name which was given to the short story, however when translated into English Summer Solstice is the closest translation.

The controversy of this story comes both from the religious aspect and the feminism aspects. It is commonly believed that the story is very stereotypical of the gender differences and goes against feminist perspectives. This is by far the most accepted criticism of the story however some people have a completely opposed view; although usually it is men who disagree with this.

This debate is common with stories which are said to reflect real life as writing is open to interpretation' and interpretation is different depending on point of view.

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