May Day Eve Moral Lesson?


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The moral lesson of May Day Eve is considered by most to be that marriage should only be the result of love. The story demonstrates how love is very different from lust, and that it takes a certain level of maturity to differentiate between the two. The writer of May Day Eve could be suggesting that an individual must be acquainted with a number of partners before they can recognize love from lust. Alternatively, they may be portraying that marriage is an issue to be seriously thought through before it takes place, and communication between a wife and husband is vital to the success of such a union.

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May Day Eve tells the story of two young lovers, who after a number of years of knowing one another get married. The two characters both show signs of development throughout the story. Firstly, the man is immature yet typical; determined to impress woman with shows of masculinity. After a time, he suddenly decides he is in love with one particular woman, who unbeknown to him is not impressed with how he acts. However, upon using an incantation that reveals her future husband's face, the woman decides to marry the man anyway after seeing him in the spellbound mirror.

For a time, the marriage is happy - their attraction is genuine and they lust for one another. However, the man soon learns from his grandson that his wife once spoke badly of him before their marriage, calling him the 'devil'. He is deeply offended and falls out with his wife immediately. This turning point in the book shows the couple were never really in love. They live the rest of their years in a bitter marriage, regretting the naïve actions of their youths.

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