What Is The conflict Of Nick Joaquin's Story May Day Eve?


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The conflict within the story May Day Eve is when the protagonist, Don Badoy Montoya, hears from his grandson that his wife, Doña Agueda, describes him as a devil. Badoy is devastated at this news and in return tells the boy that his wife is nothing but a witch.

  • More about the book

Published in 1947, May Day Eve is a novella written by Nick Joaquin, a Filipino author and artist.

Thought throughout the Philippines to be Joaquin's finest work, the book was written with an adult audience in mind, but has since become part of the material that Filipino literature students must study, in order to stick to their national curriculum.

May Day Eve tells of a tragic love story between two people who were never able to fix their marriage, which had already been destroyed by the pair before it had even begun. The book describes their love as nothing more than a hate filled passion, one that would not be sated until they had annihilated any chance of reconciliation.

  • About Nick Joaquin

Originally known as Nicomedes Márques Joaquín, the Filipino author was also a journalist and historian.

Born in May 1917, Nick mainly wrote his material in English, as this allowed for a wider audience. He is thought as one of the most influential novelists in the Philippines of his time.   

Growing up with nine siblings, Nick was never left out, with his mother taking the time to read stories and poems to them all. Between this, and being allowed to read whatever took his interest in his father's library, Nick's love of the written word soon grew, and his first publication occurred when he was just 17 years old.

Nicomedes Márques Joaquín died of a heart attack in April 2004, aged 87.
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At first, it seems that the conflict is between the characters but if you come to take a look at it deeply, the central conflict is between the character and their environment.

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