What Is The Plot Of The Story May Day Eve- Nick Joaquin?


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This short story is a very important piece of literature that is much lauded and enjoyed in the Philippines (and around the world). The author of May Dave Eve, Nick Joaquin, hailed from the Philippines, and he wrote this story about his protagonist's childhood home in Manila. The short story is an unrequited love story of sorts, since the main character, Montoya, relates his relationship with a young woman, Agueda, who does not seem to share his ardent feelings.

  • Agueda dabbles in magic

Over time, Agueda, who dabbled in magic, learned the first name of the man she should supposedly wed...she did this by staring into a looking glass and uttering a spell. To her amazement, the man was Badoy, so she married him rather than Montoya, and trouble awaited her. Badoy was not happy with his wife, and she was not happy with her husband. Apparently, the magic mirror had lied.

  • Morality and destiny

The price of magical thinking is explored in this piece; once the young woman decides to do her chant in front of the mirror, and pursue marriage based on the name that was revealed, she set the wheels in motion and sped forward into a marriage that was based on quick and sudden passion, rather than any lasting affection, friendship, or substance. The sadness of this tale is the way love that was previously enjoyed is all but forgotten, as it seems to lie hidden in the ruins of a now-bitter relationship.

The best way to enjoy this pivotal Filipino short story is to read it yourself. If you don't speak the language, find an English translation, or any translation that allows you to understand the words. Of course, a story like this will always read best in the original language. This story won't take more than an hour to read.
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