What is the moral lesson of may day eve by nick joaquin?


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May Day Eve is a story about proper young women and frivolous young men. The women were moral in that they behaved to the rules of conduct in Manila, Philippines, while the young men did not.

  • Badoy and Agueda

The story revolves mostly around Badoy and Agueda and the horrible marriage they had together. Badoy was once madly in love with Agueda, mostly due to her looks from the description in the book. He did not know much about her when they were younger and Agueda refused him at first. Later on Agueda is seen using a magic mirror asking who she should wed. The mirror replied to her that it should be Badoy, the man she had first refused.

  • The Moral
At first, it was Badoy who wanted something that he could not have. Later it was Agueda who decided to want something that she could not have. So, one could say the moral is in part that you cannot have what you desire. Instead, you have to settle for what there is and try to make the best of it. Eventually, the two were highly unsatisfied never to have a good marriage. It is also a moral about how the men and women behaved when they were young. In their youth they felt that anything was possible, though the women in the tale behaved and the men were more carefree. In the end the story showed that these youthful times are forgotten in the face of reality.

The moral could also be that reality comes no matter what, and one just has to live with that reality whether it is good or bad. It also shows that youthful love will change and not always remain.

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