Who Are The Characters In May Day Eve By Nick Joaquin?


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The short story, May Day Eve, written by Filipino author Nick Joaquin, features three main characters, named Agueda (female), Badoy (male), Anastacia (female), and Voltare (male). These characters are involved in a dramatic tale with a little touch of magic; however, this story is no fantasy or fairy tale.

  • About the story

The short story, May Day Eve, is really about the slow and excruciating demise of love, which comes on fast and furious at first, and then grinds slowly to its end. In this story, Badoy and Agueda fall in passionate love, because Agueda believes that Badoy is her true love; she find his name through a magic mirror, where she chants until she sees the name of her future husband.

  • Agueda is not sensible

Then, she pursues Badoy single-mindedly, based only on the prediction of the magic mirror and the mystical incantation she chanted. This proves to be a mistake, as the marriage degrades into misery and bitterness, and soon, neither bride nor groom can remember the feelings of infatuation they once shared. Since their relationship was not based on lasting bonds of friendship, it is doomed to perish when the hard realities of daily life cause the first blush of romance to fade out. Like a withered rose, their love wilts and dies, petal by petal, until everything is dry, arid, and sad.

To learn more about this important short story, which is one of the best-known works of literature in the Philippines, why not pick up a copy at the library? Since short stories don't require a big time commitment, you can enjoy the story from start to finish in a single morning, afternoon or evening. If you love this author's work, seek out more of his writing, and enjoy literature that captures a little bit of the essence of the Filipino people.
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Anastasia – old woman, who is so obedient to her mistress, accused for being a
witch and believes in superstitious beliefs
Agueda – pretty, young woman who is so curious, hardheaded, brave and very
much willing to know her future husband
Badoy Monitiya – a vain good looking man who will do everything to get what he

wants and revengeful
Dona Agueda – old lady who has gray hair, full of sentiments, emotional and
Dona Agueda’s daughter – a vain curious girl, who is persistent to know about the
past of her mother
Don Badoy Monitiya – a great lover, emotional and full of sentiment old man,

who repents for what he has done to Agueda
Voltaire – Believe in superstitious belief and was like his grandma who at an early
age want to know who will he marry

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