What Is The Plot Summary Of The Third Ingredient By O. Henry?


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The plot summary for The Third Ingredient by O. Henry:

The story follows the character of Hetty Pepper, who is a lower-class woman who has just lost her job at the department store.  Hetty befriends a neighbour and new love interest, who provides her with ingredients to make a stew.  The book follows the journey of their companionship.

Some facts about The Third Ingredient

  • The Third Ingredient was published in 1908.
  • It has since been adapted to cinema, under the same name in 1917.
  • The Third Ingredient has been made into a kinetic novel in English and Russian.

About O. Henry

  • O. Henry was born William Sydney Porter on 11th September 1862. 
  • He died on 5th June 1910 at the age of 47. 
  • O. Henry was arrested on charges of embezzlement, but fled before his trial.  He was eventually sentenced to five years imprisonment.

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