Oil Painting By J. Perrine- How Much Is It Worth?


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Given that you haven't supplied an image of your oil painting by J Perrine with your question, it is impossible to tell you exactly how much the oil painting is actually worth. It could be any number of paintings, meaning that you may get the wrong estimation for your oil painting. Instead, you need to do one of the following to get a correct estimation for the value of your J Perrine oil painting:

• Visit your local antiques or collector shop and ask them for a valuation of your painting. Take the painting along with you for a precise valuation or, if the painting is too big for you to travel with, take a picture of it or find out the specific name of your oil painting. It may be a good idea to ask different shops for different opinions if you are looking to sell your oil painting, as people may value it differently to others and give you an unfair price.
• If you don't have any collector shops in your area, you can look online for people who deal in paintings. Find an online forum for either J Perrine's work or paintings in general and upload an image of your oil painting and ask if anyone knows the value of it. The people that use such websites and forums are generally very well informed about the topics they specialize in, so you should get an accurate valuation from this method.
• If you are looking to sell your J Perrine oil painting and are just inquiring about its worth to sell it, you can visit a site like eBay and list the oil painting in an auction. You only need to deliver the painting to the winner of your bid and you can gain yourself a healthy profit from auctioning online.

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