How Much Is My Cafieri Oil Painting Worth?


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Without knowing which painting it is it is impossible to say how valuable an individual painting is. The value of Cafieri’s oil paintings vary depending on which painting it is that you own.

The value can also be dramatically reduced if your painting is a copy, or in any way not original. Original paintings are always worth more than their copies.

The value of your painting will also depend on the condition of the painting. If it is scratched or ripped in any way, either through storage or it falling off a wall, the value will obviously decrease significantly because of this damage.

The best thing I can suggest for you to do is try and get in touch with your local auction house or antiques shop, which specialises or deals in paintings and will therefore more than likely know the value of your painting. They will either offer you a starting price for auction or value your painting according to its size and condition, as well as determining whether it is an original or not.

There appears to be a few artists around with the second name Cafieri. To value your painting properly, any auctioneer will need to know exactly who your painting is by.

A lot of all Caferi paintings are reportedly copied in the east by large companies, because they are so popular. I recommend that you get in touch with a reputable dealer to see if your painting is an original.

As I said, the value of these paintings varies greatly and so it could be a nice surprise when you get your price or a nasty one. Don’t be too disappointed if it is not worth much, it will hopefully still have plenty of sentimental value to you and your family no matter what it is worth.
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I. Cafieri paintings are produced on production lines in the Far East by many hands and exported all over the world. If you look at the signatures, no two are the same!

Value: Absolutely worthless - the frames are likely to be worth more than the painting. If you like them, enjoy them, but don't expect to retire on them or bother to leave them in a will.

If you would like one, large examples (24 x 36 inches) fetch around $50 US or £30 UK on eBay and they'll never increase in value beyond the rate of inflation. If you want one new, they cost around $350 US £200 UK from China.

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