How much is my Lumen Winter painting The Stallions worth?


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It can be difficult to value a painting without physically seeing it as there may be many variables which can affect the price. The condition and the age of the painting will have an effect on the overall value so it is best to take it to a painting valuator to gain a precise value. If you are simply looking for a rough guide then you could have a look at an online auction site such as eBay and search for similar products to establish how much they are being sold for. This will not be entirely accurate but it can be used as a rough basis.

Lumen Winter paintings can be sold for a considerable amount of money and one original Winter painting from 1947 is being sold for $1,499.99 online. It is not The Stallions but this indicates that Lumen Winter paintings are sought after and Winter is a respected artist. A Print of Lumen's work called 'Horses' is signed by the artist and is being sold for $299.99.
Lumen Winter was an American artist born in 1908 and died in 1982. He was raised on a ranch in western Kansas and attended Cleveland school of art followed by the National Academy of design in New York. He worked as an artist in the Air Force during World War II where he made murals which are now famous and he then worked as a cartoonist and designer. Lumen Winter's murals can be found all over America such as:
  • AFL Headquarters Building, Washington
  • National Wildlife Federation Building in Washington - dedicated to John F. Kennedy
  • Park Sheraton Hotel, New York City
  • Astor Home for Children, New York
  • National Bank of Washington
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I found one Lumen WInter painting on and it's 1375USD at a chrsitie's auction.

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