How Much Is A Painting By H Gailey Worth?


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An original H. Gailey oil painting can be worth up to $800 depending on the size, the quality and the condition. If you have a painting that you would like to be valued, it is best to take it to an art dealer to see how much it is worth as there are many factors which can vary the value of a painting. Many of H. Gailey’s smaller paintings will sell for less than $100 so an art dealer can give you a more precise estimation.        

Although little is known about Gailey as a person, it is obvious that the majority of Gailey’s paintings are worth very little as they are generally considered to be of low quality, mass produced standard. Some art critics even believe that the majority of Gailey’s paintings were intended for interior decorators as they were made in large quantities. The possibility of H. Gailey paintings being mass produced in China and Hong Kong where up to 10,000 fake H. Gailey paintings can be reproduced every month is considered one of the contributing factors for the low price of H. Gailey’s works.       

It appears that many people across the internet are searching for the origin and some history behind their H. Gailey paintings but there is very little information about the painter available. It is clear that H. Gailey’s paintings are spread across the world but the painter’s nationality is unknown. Many of the paintings include seaside images such as the sea, boats, seagulls, sunsets, seashores and lighthouses.  Due to the fact that most paintings seem to be very similar, it is highly possible that many of them are copies which could increase the value of an original as it clearly highlights that people like Gailey’s paintings enough to copy them and buy the reproductions.
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I have an H. Gailey painting with a lighthouse seascape and am wondering what it is worth?
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I have a large sunrise and a large sunset can anyone tell me how much thay are worth please thankyou
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