How much is my I. Cafieri painting worth?


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Unfortunately it is unlikely that your painting by Irene Cafieri is worth any more than between $20 and $30. The authenticity of these extremely popular paintings is up for much debate as research suggests that they are in fact mass-produced by a company in China. Anyone who is trying to sell a painting by I. Cafieri for an extremely high price either is not aware of the origins of the painting or is trying to pull a scam. There are a lot of these paintings in circulation and most art dealers will not offer a high price for one.

It is still not agreed upon fully about whether Irene Cafieri was at some point, in fact, a real artist and the style has later been adopted by a Chinese wholesale company. The alternative is simply that the paintings have been mass-produced all along. It is difficult to find much more information out about the paintings and their artist. Internet searches only bring up links to people putting their own copies of the paintings up for sale or to websites and forums where the authenticity of them is being debated. Most art buyers and sellers do agree to the general consensus that the paintings are mass-produced. It is possible to come across some sellers who claim to have an 'original' painting done by the 'original' German painter I. Cafieri and that it is not one of the Chinese mass produced images. They will state that their painting is different because it is hand signed. This is not a valid claim because, although mass-produced, the Chinese wholesaler still creates each painting by hand. Each painting has unique brushstrokes and a signature at the bottom of the frame.

Most owners of I. Cafieri paintings agree that the value is in its aesthetic appeal rather than its monetary worth.

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