I Have A Frederic Mizen Painting Titled 'Harp And Piano' And I Was Wondering. How Much Is This Worth?


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The value of the Frederic Mizen painting, "Harp and Piano" depends on a number of factors. The main factors are as follows:

  • Condition of the painting

The condition of any painting has an affect on the value. If a painting is in mint condition it is more likely to be worth more money, than if it has any damage; superficial or otherwise.

  • Original or print

A lot of paintings are duplicated into a print, and these are obviously worth a lot less than the original painting will be.

  • Is it signed?

A painting that is signed will always be worth more than if it was not. Another vital factor with paintings is the date they were painted. The artist should always date the painting to give a clear indication of the age of the painting.

If the painting is a print it is unlikely to fetch any more than $10. If it is an
original it is worth getting it valued by a professional art dealer. It is advisable to always deal with reputable dealers when buying or selling paintings, as there are a lot of counterfeit artworks available.

  • About the painting
The painting "Harp and Piano" is a picture that has two young women, one sitting and playing the piano, and the other standing and playing the harp.

  • About the artist
Frederic Mizen was born in Chicago and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. He became an illustrator for Sears's catalogs at the age of 20, and also produced billboard artwork for Coca-Cola, and the Saturday Evening Post.

He died in 1965 in Chicago, after he had founded the Mizen Art Academy in Chicago in 1939. His most famous paintings are all portraits, although in his earlier years he did paint landscapes.

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