I Have An Original Oil Painting By Gerald Coulson. Entitled "Threat Of Rain". Is It Worth Anything?


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  • If you are an art lover, you will know how difficult and expensive it is to get any original painting. If you have an original oil painting by Gerald Coulson, thank your stars. Its worth cannot be determined in monetary values. It's priceless. You should keep it in the drawing room of your home and must place it centrally. It must be easily noticeable. It will add value to your drawing room.
  • The painting is a masterpiece by Gerald Coulson. All the moods are captured brilliantly. The painting is aptly titled too. The threat faced due to rain and its varied emotions look real and life like in the painting. Moreover, it is an oil painting, which increases the worth of the painting. Gerald Coulson is an authentic painter and is worldwide famous.
  • He is an expert in paintings related to water. In one of the interviews, he had mentioned that he sees life in water which he reflects in his paintings. This is so true when you look at his painting "Threat of Rain". His works are usually put in all the major museums. As his work is great and rare, all his paintings are sold at a very high rate.
  • There is an aesthetic sense in the "Threat of Rain" painting. If you possess an original one, consider yourself to be lucky. In case you want to sell it, you will find many buyers for it. It will fetch you a very good price. You can also contact your local art dealer for the same. The best thing will be to put it for auction in an art exhibition. This will surely get you much more than you had originally invested in it. But, it's difficult to part with a great masterpiece original painting by Gerald Coulson. "Threat of Rain" remains the best work by him till date.

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