Is A L. Jambor Oil Painting Worth Anything?


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It is possible that a L Jambor Oil Painting may be worth something depending on if it's an original, its condition and its rarity.

Art is always a difficult subject in terms of worth. Some of the most famous artists in history struggled when they were alive their work did not sell. It was only after being discovered by the right person that some of the artists became famous and eventually earned money for their work. Those who earned recognition posthumously never got to see the funds their family may have made from selling the work.

Art has always been subjective as to whether has a value or even if it it is really art . Right now the topic of L Jambor or Louis Jambor is fairly common. A lot of individuals are asking about the value of his paintings and about the artist, and though some do not want to sell, there are those that do.

  • Original or Print
To find out how much the oil painting may be worth, you need to know if it is an original or just a print copy. You also need to know if the image in the painting is one of the more popular ones such as a more rare painting by the artist or not.

  • Rarity
Rarity in a painting is going to provide a higher selling price; therefore, the L Jambor Painting may be worth more. A print is going to be worthless. If the painting one has is not sought by many chances are it will have less value.
To find out if a Louis Jambor Oil Painting you may have in your collection is worth anything you will have to visit an art gallery, museum, or antique store. Most experts at these places will be able to help you find the answer as to how much the painting may be worth; that is, if you have one.
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I have a l jamb-or painting of a woman playing a harp and the other playing a piano
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I have l.jambor painting of 2 ladies sitting in a parlor reading a letter. The pattern # is742. It is approximatly23 19 and numbered 6/931

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