Is A Margaret Chapman Painting Worth Anything?


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Original Margaret Chapman paintings certainly have great value but the actual sale price is difficult to accurately ascertain.

This is down to the fact that prices can sometimes be quite guarded online and many websites only provide previous sale prices if you subscribe to their website.

One such website is You can view the dedicated Margaret Chapman painting page on the website at:
However like indicated before, you need to subscribe to the website to unlock the price of each painting.

To get the best advice and valuation of Margaret Chapman paintings you should head to your local art dealers. If you have a Chapman painting then it would certainly be worth taking it down with you and letting them take a close look. This way they can first confirm it is an original - which of course makes a massive different to its value. They will also be able to tell you what they think it is worth and what auction it may be worth listing it in.

To make sure you are given the best valuation possible it is best to state to the art dealer that no deal is on offer and you just wish for their honest opinion. This way you are getting the true value and there are no invested interests bringing down the price.

If you do not want to bother taking it to an art dealers then there are some online valuation websites that for a small fee will give you their expert opinion.

One of these websites can be found at:

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