What Is An Oil Painting By J. Perrine Worth. Painting Number 0625?


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Determining the value of any oil painting can be a tricky task. Unfortunately, most art galleries and auctioneers require membership in order to find prices for previously or soon to be sold items. This makes research somewhat difficult, especially when no details about the painting in question are known.

As far as the limited research so far possible has shown, J. Perrine paintings can be worth anything between $50 (£26.19) and $5000 (£2619). The specific price will greatly depend on the subject of the painting, the size of the actual image, whether it is in the original frame and the overall condition of both painting and frame.

One painting by J. Perrine found within the research, an image of 22 by 18 inches, with a 30 by 26 in frame and a certificate of authenticity, had an estimated auction value of $2500 (£1310) to $3000 (£1571). This painting featured a couple of small buildings in front of trees on the front left. As path leading from these buildings to the lake in the centre of the picture is occupied by a couple. At the edge of the lake is a boat. In the centre background, a castle can be seen in the distance.

Another one of J. Perrine’s paintings, a maritime scene featuring a captain and a boy looking out to sea, where a distant ship can be seen, is 24 by 36 inches in size within a 43.5 by 31.5 in frame. This item was found at an auction with a starting price of only $50 (£26.19). Unfortunately, the actual selling price could not be determined.

The best way to find out how much this painting is worth is to send a picture and details such as size and condition to an auction house and ask for a valuation.
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