How To Write A Thank-you Letter After A Performance Review?

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Writing a ‘thank you’ letter can be a great thing to do after receiving your performance review in work - no matter whether or not it was positive or negative. You need to ensure that your letter is well-structured and grammatically correct; failure to do this can actually worsen the situation rather than make it better.

If the response you received by your bosses was a good one, you should start off by saying how grateful you are for their positive feedback. You could then explain how you aren’t complacent in your position, and how you want to continue making improvements to satisfy your role. This thank you letter could be the best place to explain what your goals are for the coming months, and could be used as an elevator pitch for business ideas that you have. Who knows: If you have an ingenious way to move a company forward, this could be your opportunity at a promotion! Overall, you need to be modest, and where there was feedback and things that could be developed on (even this will appear in a positive appraisal!), ensure you explain that the feedback has been taken on board.

For employees who have received a negative appraisal, a thank you letter is the best way to show that you have accepted their feedback. You could explain to bosses how you aim to address the weaknesses which were outlined in your performance review, and offer suggestions on how you could be supported in your development into a better worker. A reasonable boss won’t be expecting for you to transform from a satisfactory worker into an outstanding one overnight and by yourself: Instead, they’ll be looking for ways to guide you and ensure that you are a better fit for a company.

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