How To Write A Letter To Request To Continue To Reside After Receiving An Eviction Notice?


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I'd find out what your state landlord/tenant laws are. So sorry to hear  about your loss.  Wish I could be more help to you on this.  If you are only late for this month, why is your landlord so anxious to evict you?
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seems as though she is areal stickler for payment on the date it is due. But, with me being out of town due to this death, I now am faced with having to go to the court and write a letter and pay the rent to avoid immediate eviction. This is so crazy. The realtor that is in charge of renting the property, has advised me today that this owner is unsympathetic, she just wants her money and on time no matter what.
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I agree w/knutters...if you're only late for one month why is he so anxious to evict you? However, your landlord may have other plans for your living space and saw his window of opportunity to evict you. I can see him evicting you for repeat lateness, but for 1 month? That really would make him a hard-hearted, pompous ass! Are we seeing the whole story here???
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1. Loved you calling the landlord a pompous ass, 2. Liked your question on the end, if we are seeing the whole story

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