What Is The Meaning Of Eviction Letter?


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Ok, and eviction letter is a letter informing you the landlords intention of evicting you. It is a rather " nice way" of saying get out. I would like to tell you that many landlords not all have an " informal way " of threatening you to vacate thier premises. Many times many tenants that owe rent tend to : Do two things. 1) Pay the back rent 2) Buck and run away from thier responsibilities.

Now I will tell you this also... Many landlords understand that their is a process that must be taken in order to "evict" a tenant. It could be a long drawn out process. It is a financial bearing tactic to. They must go to court and follow the process of filing for an " legal eviction" many times landlords jump the gun, run down to the local office max, office depot, and purchase a plain 3-day notice, or a standard legal document and then proceed to fill it out themselves and slap it on a tenants door. They may have the right intentions but it is not a legal document, If it doesn't have the court seal and is properly dated and filed in the court it is not legal.

So in return pay your rent, if you are having difficulty let your tenant know- don't hide from them. This only makes matters worse. They have bills, mortgages they must pay also. Now if you landlord is still wanting you out. They have placed this 3-day notice or "eviction letter " on your door. (After all they may own the dwelling but you are still legally thier tenant) I would first take the document down to the local courthouse and verify if its a Legal document. I would even show them the document. They will tell you if its one of thier documents or not. If it is you are right there ask them your rights as a tenant. If its not a legal document believe me they will be sending your landlord a nice letter explaining that their process is not a legal one and advise them that they need to end this type of distribution of this kind of document.

Always remember tenants have rights just like landlords. If you are still unsure watch some shows of " Judge Judy " in the afternoon or even morning and you will get a clearer understanding.

Good luck..
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It means, "Get out of the house or pay your bills" and if you don't pay your bills on time, they will tear down your house. Sorry buddy.

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