What Are The Difference Between Letter Of Reply And Confirmation Of An Order?


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A letter of reply is one that is written in response to a letter of enquiry. The letters of enquiries and their replies are commonly written business letters. They are very important. If an enquiry is properly handled, it brings, through a reply, valuable business information. It may help save money and make profits. If a reply to an enquiry is effectively composed, it can build goodwill and increase sales. Every letter of enquiry should be handled in a courteous manner the requested information is provided or not. The exact information, if available, should be given briefly but completely.

When an order is received, an acknowledgement of its acceptance or confirmation should be made immediately. This is a mark of courtesy as well as good business dealings. In practice, however, no acknowledgement is generally made when the order serves the purpose of confirmation as well.

Acknowledgement of orders from new customers and regular customers should be differently drafted. In the case of a new customer, a personal letter, welcoming him to the list of satisfied patrons is most appropriate. In this case of regular customer, however, a formal letter may be used. But when the order is of an unusual size, a formal letter is deemed inadequate. A personal letter should then be written "thanking the customer for his business and congratulating him on his being so successful in handling the merchandise o f the selling firm."

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