How To Write A Resignation Letter After Being Harassed?


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There is definitely no way of writing a resignation letter after being harassed. It can be very difficult to put it in writing that you were harassed in the office and that is why you are resigning. This is because people tend to evaluate other circumstances other than the harassment, and conclude that that’s the reason for your resignation. These circumstances can be your poor performance, a mistake made in the office or even office property lost while under your care.

Before you write that letter, you need to sit down and evaluate these and any other factors preceding your resignation. They will determine how seriously your case will be handled by the management of your office. Make sure that the letter you write can be used against your harasser and not against you! Since it’s possible that you may lack tangible evidence or witnesses for your case, you should be very careful!

Your letter should be as polite as possible. Although you may be very bitter with the person forcing you to voluntarily quit your job, you should never let that come out in your writing. Use language that clearly states your point in an affirmative way and you may want to avoid sympathy seeking in the letter. Never use abusive language!

Note that you have not been sacked by anyone. You have left your position because you cannot compromise on your values. You should therefore maintain your integrity. At this point, it is usually very difficult to determine who is telling the truth. In fact, you can slowly be turned in to the accused in a very short time! You may not want to give details of the harassment in the letter, but you can keep the evidence a secret weapon in case you are summoned to say a word about it.

Lastly, you need to know that you are doing the job of a whistle blower. Do not let your letter be dismissed as useless or pointless. Make sure that you clearly state the worst of all the harassment escapades. This has to be the most criminating aspect of your harassers’ deeds. That should be able to land the harasser some punishment to ensure that he or she does not repeat the same.
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I am sorry to hear that. I can help you out with writing a resignation letter. Here is a link from where you can see the sample letters. You need to mention the harassing part yourself but the rest of the sample can be copied. Hope it helps and better luck for futureSample letters

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