How Do I Write A Grievance Letter About My Harassment And Bullying At Work?


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Bullying and harassment in the workplace is the causes of much misery and more and more employees are deciding not to stand for it. Whether it be coming from an employer or another colleague it is best to act quickly and this can be best done in a letter informing your company about the situation.

Write a list of the reasons why you feel you are being harshly treated and make sure you include as many details as possible, as this might be used in any form of disciplinarily case.
Write your full address at the top of the page, including your house number, street, postal or zip code, county or state. Address the letter personally by using the employer’s title and name. You need to explain your reasons for writing and what you want to achieve from the letter. Type one or two sentences, telling them why you are writing. An example of this might be, "I am writing to inform you of bullying I have been suffering in the workplace."

You need to explain what you think should be done to rectify the problem ideally. You can also let your employer know that you are available to speak to them personally and in confidence if need be, provide all your contact details if they wish to contact you.
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If possible tape the conversations and take pictures use your cell phone.  Keep a journal of the dates, time and who witness the events.  Make sure you write down every word you can remember.  All of this information supports your grievance.  When you type up your grievances make sure you keep a copy and send copies to every higher up in your organization.  Also, be prepared for any fallout, it can become very messy but remember you did nothing wrong and you have the right to stand up for yourself.  You may want to start looking for another job, but do not let this behavior to continue it will only get worse. Keep in mine you health is worth more than money and stress causes so many health problems.  Take care.
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First you should write how the harassment of the other specific to you, the best evidence of the exact attached. Then write this harassment of the impact you and your family.

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