Is There Any Nice Way To Say You Basically Hated Your Job, While Writing A Resignation Letter?


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There's all kinds of ways to say you hated your job, but it's not always wise to to tell them how you really feel.  There's always the chance that something said might affect your looking for another job.  Why don't you just say that you don't feel you were suited for this job, and that's why you feel you should move on.  It's not mean, and there's really not much they could read into, about your feelings about the job.   But, you'll know why you're leaving, and it might even be helpful to write the meanest, nastiest letter to them, and after you get it out of your system, tear up the letter and throw it away.  Then, you will have gotten it out of your system, without jeopardizing the chance to find a great job you'll love.  Good luck on the job hunt!!    P.S.  Please don't mix up the letters!!!!
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That is definitely a tough position to find yourself in. Your best bet is to keep the resignation letter professional because not only will you possibly need that company for a reference, but they usually keep letters of resignation on file for quite some time. You don't want to leave on a bad note. Writing that the company and your work style is not a great match is a diplomatic way of saying you didn't enjoy it.

A lot of companies have employee exit interviews that you can fill out. Let's hope your company has some online survey software that will allow you to fill it out with why you are leaving, what you didn't like, what you did actually like, and areas of improvement. Not only is it beneficial to the company, but it enables you to let it all off your chest.

Good Luck!

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