How To Write Letter For Fixing An Appointment With Client?


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A reminder appointment letter can save businesses money by cutting down the number of appointments for which people fail to turn up. People often forget their appointments, leaving professionals with no client and no revenue. Composing a quick letter that you can easily personalize to different clients is a simple way to reduce the amount of failed appointments and last-minute cancellations.
It is often worth composing a polite reminder to send out to clients, though some people find it awkward to write a letter in advance of someone not turning up to a meeting, as they fear it may show a lack of faith in the customer. There are a number of things you can do in order to make the process a little easier.
Along with the obvious things, such as using office stationery and including a current address in the corner of the page as well as the phone number and a mobile number, wording is very important. Reminding the client why the meeting has been arranged is always a very good start, as it appears to be a standard response without accusing them of not intending to show up.
You can also mention any policy your company has regarding cancelling meetings - a phone call at least 24 hours prior to the appointment for example. Timing is also important as if the client has forgotten the meeting they may need to re-arrange few things in order to make the original time. Send the letter out between one and two weeks before the arranged appointment so that if things have changed you and your staff have plenty of notice. This also gives the client time to let you know if they are not attending.

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