How Do I Write A Well Formatted Resignation Letter?


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Will Martin answered
The most important thing to remember when writng a letter of resignation is that you don't say anything you may regret later. Whatever your reasons for leaving, an angry or rude letter could damage your prospects; so do think carefully.

Resignation is one of those situations where formality is best, so no matter how well you know your boss you should use formal language and complete sentences (though if you normally use your boss's first name, you should still do so.)

You need to say exactly when you are leaving if this is known to you; state your reasons for this; refer to any responsibilities you may still have to discharge; and it's customary to say something polite about your time with the organisation at the end of the letter - thanks or whatever.

This is one situation where nobody will mind your using a template - the inmportant thing is to be correct rather than original - so do take advantage of the many free online templates available. Googling "Letter of resignation" will provide a wide choice. There is a particularly good variety at which suggests formats for different situations.

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