How I Can Draft A Simple Official Letter?


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The first step to write a simple official letter is to know to whom you are writing the letter and for what purpose you are writing the letter. The next step is to write your full name and your complete address and the date on which the letter has been written in the top right-hand corner of the page and the addressee's full name and complete address to the left of the page two lines below the date.

The next step is a formal salutation such as Dear Sir or Madam and the subject of the letter (two lines below the salutation). The introduction to the letter should appear two lines below the subject line. Then you should write the body of the letter in the second paragraph, which is two lines below the last line of the introductory paragraph.

The conclusion is the third and final paragraph of an official letter. You should always sign off the letter by writing your sincerely and your signature and your full name.

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