How Can I Find A Simple Writing Lesson Plan?


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I am not really certain about the meaning of the question, so I will provide you with various types of Writing Lesson Plans for various ages and for different reasons. I hope to provide information, which could help a teacher, a home school parent, student or someone who is trying to learn to effectively use English as a second language and needs help in writing proficiency.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, one learning to write by using correct English sentence, grammar or whatever your need, a good place to begin is with Cliff Notes. One of these is Writing, Usage and Style. You can purchase this and other similar books from a bookstore or at Cliff Notes usually cost less than $10.00. You can get a lot of information on this site.

You also can gather a lot of information at site for teachers called Lesson Plan Search. This site has lesson plans for all grade levels.
Another good site with a lot links to more information is the Proteacher site located at where you will great ideas and actual lesson plans for different grades. You will also find Writing worksheets.

For someone who is learning English and wants to improve their proficiency for writing English, the following site should be helpful. This site offers lessons, games, quizzes, forums, lesson plans and more. Go to

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