What Are The Steps Involved In Writing A Proposal?


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Introduction,Background of the study ,statement of the problem, goal of the study, General & specific Objective ,Methodology of the study.
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Proposal is the very first step in a research project. You are supposed to explore your main theme of research in the form of proposal. The very first thing is to clear your research project into your mind. Produce your thoughts and ideas on paper. Then go for some good work on paper. Practice writing a proposal. Don't develop the fair copy at first. Another thing is that you may have a look of old research proposals to make it clear on your mind.
Well then you may start writing research proposal. First write down introduction in a paragraph. It must be very compiled and short. Then go for objectives of the research. Highlight some of the main objectives over here. Then go ahead and write down the main goal of the research project you are going to start. Another important thing is the hypothesis which is to be approved to disapprove. This will be the main point in research. Then tell about methodologies that you are intending to use for collecting data. Hope this will animate your research proposal properly. This much compiled and to the point research proposal will really work. Good luck!
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