How Can I Write A Letter As Well Wisher To My Boss?


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It is a rare occasion when you write a letter to your boss as his/her well wisher. I presume it is a special occasion such as he or she going on a tour or a long holiday or even might be changing company.
First of all be yourself. You can allow for once all your emotions to flow into your letter. After having written that, do specifically read it. If you think that it is too emotionally charged and you need to curtail some points, go right ahead. Make a second attempt. YOu would yourself find that you are omitting many statements that you had earlier written. This way you can put a check on your emotions.
Next, you can go down the memory lane. Mention of some of the memories which you and your Boss share, which brought out the closeness, understanding and your compatibility between ou two. Again use the check as before to make it a bit less sentimental.
Lastly, you wish your Boss for the travel or the future endeavours and for a successful career and a fulfilling life. I think that should do the trick. In case, you want to stay in touch, provide the necessary contact information in the letter. Also make sure to mention that you would be looking forward to hear from him. The letter should however come within a page, as too long letters tend to discourage people. Also, by doing that you would be respecting the valuable time of your Boss as well as your yours.

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