How To Write A Letter To Boss For Maternity Leave?


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Address the letter to your supervisor or boss by typing
their name, the company name and the company address. This will be
typed on the left hand side, spaced below your address on the right
hand side.

  This will contain the text of your letter. Begin by
informing your employer that you are pregnant, your expected due date
and the date you wish to begin maternity leave. Use the following as a

Dear Mr.

This is a letter to advise that I am pregnant. The expected due date
for delivery is February ... 2008 or as near to this date as
possible. I would like to commence maternity leave from December ...
2007 which will allow me enough time to prepare for this date.

In the event of everything going to plan, these dates will be adhered to as close as possible.

Thank you so much for your support through my pregnancy and pending birth.

Yours Sincerely,

Sign your name

Your employer should advise within 28 days after receiving
this letter the date in which you will expected to return to work. If
you have tentative plans in place as to your return date to work,
advise this in the letter as well. You could use the following guide.

I am hoping to return to work 12 weeks after the birth of my child, as long as everything goes well.

Or you could give six months to a year notice of return to work,
which will give you plenty of time to decide and adjust to the new
addition to your family.
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