What Is The Character Of The Boy In The Story 'Araby'?


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The school boy, in the story 'Araby", is the narrator of the story. He has not yet attained majority and is by nature bashful. He lived alone with his auntie and uncle and knew a few play-mates with whom he played in the street. Mangan's sister was perhaps only girl who lived in his neighborhood. He started appreciating her figure and dress without actually realizing that he had grown to like her. With the passage of time this liking developed into a passion. Being preadolescent person he had not become conscious that such a passion is just natural and it foes not call for apology or regrets.

If he had expressed his noble feeling of love for the girl he might have been able to overcome his bashfulness. Once he hesitated in expressing his sentiments, he developed an inhibition with the result that he was never able to make his feelings known to her. He went worshipping her silently. By chance, she happened to be talk to him, he felt confused and did not know how to express himself. His desire to visit Araby became an obsession for him and he made up his mind to go to the market at the earliest and bring a gift for her. The hour that he reached Araby, was not at all fit for purchasing something really worthwhile. He experienced a sort of bitterness even worse than defeat. Being a lonely person, he is in search of a kindred soul. But lacking self-confidence he is not able to win her, as any other person without inhibition could have done so easily.

The boy in the story is so bashful and inept in his relation with Manager's sister only. He was quite a sociable boy in his own way and was good at studies. His auntie and uncle never discovered any oddity about him. He certainly proved quite helpful when he accompanied his aunt on her shopping trips. After his missed venture with Araby he lost interest in his studies. His teacher stared feeling concerned about him. But he did not know the real reason for this lack of interest in his studies.

He is a hardworking and responsible boy and is capable of changing his attitude in keeping with the changing conditions. His unrequited love has proved disappointing experience for him, but certainly it would have made him wiser and more practical in future.

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