I Can't Log On My Character Of Maple Story, What Should I Do?


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When I log in this tab comes up and says something about  a server cheek and fire wall
what does that mean?
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Me too..... When I play maplestory..... And when I click the channel, it disappears and it says that 'you are disconnected from the login server... And when I check the site, it is not disconnected.... And I tried it multiple times....and everything happens again.... What should I do?? Please help me.... My name in maplestory is CallidusRobo ...... A mechanic.... Pls!!!
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What happens wen you can log onto the website but wen I start the game I pick the channel then it kicks me out and says unable to connect 2 log in server??
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Do you put in the wrong password? If not, maybe your accout have been stolen. Or, MapleStory is in maintanence so that you cannot log in right now.
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I have a slow computer thats why and I can't transport in those portal things thats why what should I do!
Should I have a new computer  or
play like this for the rest of my life when I'm a gm   or
go into the portal and restart computer all the time?
Choose what  should I do!
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That happened to me to I tried on real maple it just turns all black and freezes my comp
I tried on my private server it turns black again and freezes.
Can you help me to
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Oh, maybe you should check your character again or  check the game whether is in the maintenance!
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Are you kidding me ?

If you can't  log in ,

1.you enter in to a wrong password or somebody change your password.

2.the game is in maintenance so you can't log in.

3.somebody else is playing while you are playing ,it is dangerous for the account because the iP will be changed .

4.you did something mistaken ,illegal exploitation or you use bot ......or something like that ,maybe is suspended (just maybe ,don't worry check your mail box ,mapple story 's account is seldom be suspended or banned .see whether you get a e-mail of suspend )

you can visit the  wow4s.net to find more news and information (or we can say game knowledge :) )

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