What Is The Significance Of Araby In The Story?


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In the story named as "Araby" by James Joyce the main theme revolves about going to the magnificent bazaar by the main character of the story who is in adolescent love with a girl.
One day she addresses to him and talks about going to the magnificent bazaar named Araby. She herself wants to go to that bazaar but she has not any proper chance to go to that splendid bazaar. On that the lover of the girl who is a small boy promises her that he would go to the Araby and bring something for her from that great market.

Hence due to this conversation with his love the desire of going to Araby becomes very strong in the heart of the boy. And Araby becomes very significant to the boy than any other thing. He keeps thinking about how to go there. And at last he arranges some resources and goes to the bazaar.

So this visit to Araby becomes his ruling passion and Araby the significance of Araby increases a lot in the whole story because it was the desire of his love. And the story also reaches at the climax when he visits the Araby. And it also ends here because that boy finds nothing in that costly bazaar which he can buy for her love. Thus the importance and of Araby and its role is the main theme in that story. And story could not be completed without mentioning the significance of the Araby.

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