What Is The Theme Of The Story 'Araby'?


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Theme of the story Araby is the conflict between the emotions of an adolescent lover and the objective condition of that surrounded him.

Adolescence is the period when biological changes begin to occur in young boys and girls. As they start their journey to wards adulthood, their emotional behavior is redefined and they are attracted towards the opposite sex.

Under the influence of new changes in his body, the young boy of Araby was drawn towards the sister of his friend who lived in his neighbors. Her figure, the features of which were once highlighted by the same light when he was fortunate enough to be addressed by her, bewitched him. He followed her but had no heart to speak to her because he was shy by nature. Though he loved her with all the passion and innocence of adolescence he never had courage to tell her of his feelings, nor he ever appear to be aware of them. This state is what can be called "subjective".

On the other occasion when she talked to him he promised that he would bring something for her from the exotic shopping center, known as Araby.

He had a small amount of money which was gifted to him by his uncle. Some of it had been spent on the railway and entrance fee. The remained was not sufficient to buy anything worthwhile. To top it he had reached there quite late in the evening. Nearly all stalls had closed and only one which was still open displayed wares which were beyond his pocket.
He was rudely shocked and came face to face with reality. He could love with all his being but he could not buy a gift for his beloved. He was dependant on others who would not understand his passion.

The objective world, the real world, could and would not sympathize with him. He was pained and frustrated but he knew that he could not alter reality.
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Conflict between the emotions of an adolescent lover and the objective condition of that surrounded him.
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Its the struggle of a boy finding his sexuality and figuring out whats fantasy and whats reality
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《Araby》 is the famous novelist James. Joyce's short stories, mainly about the protagonist's growth from naive to mature course. By analyzing the process of growing up in a good environment for the hero of the missing, pathfinder of the deletion and the absence of peer partners, thus revealing the intention of creating a writer, that society as a whole are in a state of paralysis and numbness, the development of young people must be lonely journey and painful.

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