What is the theme of the story HIS FIRST FLIGHT?


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His First Flight by Liam O’ Flaherty is a story with the primary themes of having courage and self-confidence. It's is the tale of a baby seagull learning to fly. The themes:

Overcoming fears

The baby seagull is left on a ledge by his mother who sees he is too frightened to fly and get food. Eventually, hunger forces the seagull to find his wings and leave the ledge.

Be cruel to be kind

The mother won't help the baby as she knows he needs to work out how to live by himself - she's being cruel to be kind, withholding her assistance so that the baby can become independent and self-reliant.

You're more powerful than you know

The seagull surprises himself. He jumps off the ledge in desperation and finds he can fly!

It's because of the themes above that His First Flight has become popular reading in many school curriculums.

Here's some more information about the Liam O' Flaherty story I would recommend checking out: //

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Who is the author of <his first flight >?

Ans :Liam O'Flaherty

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