What Is The Criticism On Western Civilization? In The Story "Araby"


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In the story "Araby" the writer named James Joyce criticizes the hypocrisy of the western societies. The writer explains it briefly through the story that western societies are living a life of hypocrisy and selfishness. They are becoming more materialistic day by day. And the western societies are losing their tendency towards spiritualism and other things which are beneficial for the humanity.

The main criticism in the story "Araby" is on the behavior of the western societies and especially on those who are wealthy. This story is a slap on the mentality of the western society for materialism. Thus the writer criticizes the materialism and the decline of western society for the human values.

So you can assume that the author basically mock on the false values of the rich people and he use satire reaction on the mentality of elite class of that time.
And that is the basic criticism on western societies in the story named "Araby" by the author James Joyce. In this way I've annotated the basic theme of criticism which has been provided by the author.

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