Describe Briefly The Effect Of Romantic Love On The Adolescent Mind Of Small Boy? In The Story "Araby"


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In the story "Araby" the small boy fails in love due to many reasons but one and the most important from them is the fact that he has no resources to satisfy his love. James Joyce written this story it is an attack on the materialistic approach of the modern.
The small boy has the passion to buy something for his love and he struggled very hard to go to the splendid bazaar Araby but as soon as he reached there he found only darkness in the bazaar because he became so late.

Though some shops were still open when the small boy reached there but he can't afford to buy something for his love. And this thing disappointed the small boy to a great extent. He approaches a stall and watch for something and sales girls asked him if he would like to buy something but he replied in negative because he could not buy anything from that. It is because he was suffering from lack of resources.

And thus due to these reasons the small boy fails in his love. And this is also the end of the story. Besides the wonderful story the Araby is it also shows the difference between the ideal and the real. So above mentioned are the reasons of the failure of boy in his love.
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"Araby" is a wonderful and fantastic story by James Joyce. It is the story about adolescent love. As it is a very well known thing that love is blind and thus in the story named "Araby" a young boy falls in love with some girl who is the sister of the playmate and she was living very close to the lover's house.

This thing deeply affects the mind of the small boy. And he tends to think all the time about his love. He waits for her when she comes out of her house to have a single look of his love. He secretly peeps at his love and feels a sizzling sensation of love and great passion for his love in his heart.

The boy who is not yet mature enough prays for his love in prayers. His own conscience murmurs to him about his love many times by saying "O Love, O Love" so in this way the mind of the small boy was deeply affected by the adolescent love. And this story is the best example of calf love.
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