How is the best way to lvl up in maple story? (if ur lvl 30)


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The best thing to do to accomplish that goal is to defeat monsters that are either near your level or a little higher in order to help increase your level. Do not fight monsters that you tend to miss attacks against, and don't fight weak mobs for a long time. The idea is to fight the ones that are just right. Monsters between levels 31-40 include Chirpy, Intoxicated Pig, Astaroth, Cube Slime, Dark Sand Dwarf and many more. One tip on internet forums is to complete the CPQ.

We have concluded through our research that there seems to be level capping in place for certain parts of the game; this may be causing problems with increasing your level beyond 30. However, it appears that level 30 can be improved on after job 2 and beyond.

· Increasing your level from 30-39

An online guide has said that you can gain points at this level in the following way:
· +1 Magic Guard
· +2 Lightning Bolt
· Magic Guard = 10/20 Lightning Bolt = MAX or reverse
· Fourth dragon mastery = 33 skill points. Skill mastery varies depending on where you use your quest skill points

Party Quests can be fun and EXP gaining. It can be hard to find one at your current level due to the way the Party Quests are structured. In general, Party Quests are risky and so should only be done if you know what you are doing. You can also use real money via PayPal to increase the level of your character. The higher the level the more expensive it may be to upgrade. Also using these sorts of tactics to increase your level could result in being banned from the game. Therefore, it should only really be used as a last resort.

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