How Many Books Has Sandra Brown Written?


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Sandra Brown has written over eighty books, and with more than one coming out each year, the number is only going up!

It’s hard to tell exactly how many books Sandra Brown has written, as some have been released as omnibuses, with more than one novel in a book.

Brown also writes under several different pseudonyms (although most of her books are written under her own name) which makes things even more confusing!

Sandra Brown’s Aliases
  • Rachel Ryan
  • Laura Jordan
  • Erin St. Claire
About Sandra Brown Sandra Brown is an author from Texas. She began writing in 1981 after her husband dared her to try, and she now works in the romance and thriller genres.

Many of her books are written as part of a series, although she’s written lots of stand-alone novels, too!

Most Popular Sandra Brown Books

  • Breath of Scandal (1991)
  • Envy (2002)
  • The Witness (1996)
  • A Whole New Light (2012)
  • Slow Heat In Heaven (1991)
  • Rainwater (2010)
  • The Witness (1996)
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The number stands at 65. She wrote the books with different pen names but most of them are being written with the name of Sandra Brown only.

The major works that she has written under this name include 'Tomorrow's Promise', 'Heaven's price', 'Temptation's Kiss', 'Thursday's Child', 'Tempest in Eden', 'The Rana Look', 'Demon Rumm', 'Best Kept Secrets', 'Long Time Coming', 'Breath of Scandal', 'Charade' and 'French Silk'. Other books include  'Exclusive', 'Mirror Image' and 'Long Time Coming'.

Although she got fame with the name Sandra Brown, she made her debut with the name Rachel Ryan when she wrote the book 'Love's Encore' in the year 1981.
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I think 87 books.

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