What Is The Conflict Of Ramona's World?


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Ramona's World is the name of a juvenile fiction novel which has been written by Beverly Cleary. There are plenty of conflicts and tricky situations to pick from. It doesn't seem right to spoil the plot.

For instance she now enters fourth grade and is excited about Roberta, Ramona's new baby sister. She has lots of sticky spots like when she falls through her new best friend Daisy's dining room ceiling or her frustration with the teacher, Mrs. Meacham. Her rivalry with Susan, considered her nemesis ever since kindergarten, continues

The book was first published back in the year 1999 and is still quite popular. Its current edition has been illustrated by US artist Tracy Dockray. Ramona's World is one part of the widely popular Ramona Quimby series. This book actually came in years later, following its predecessor which was Ramona Forever. It is deemed the final episode in this particular series.

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