How Do You Contact Johanna Lindsey?


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  Johanna Lindsey is a very popular American author. She was born as Helen Johanna Lindsey in Germany in 1952. She is a widow and the mother of three children. She writes under the name of Johanna Lindsey. She is best known for her books on historical romances. Her books are widely read and popular in America as well as the other parts of the world.

  Johanna Lindsey can be contacted only through her publishers. This is because she does not have an official website or a web page. Her e-mail address is also not available. Hence the only alternative remaining is to get in contact with her current publisher which is Simon & Schuster, Inc. Their official website is

  I am not aware whether she has a mail-fan club but you can check out about it on the internet. You can also try to contact her through Avon Books who have published most of her books. The official website of Avon Books is
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