How Do You Contact Heidi Murkoff?


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What statistics and how many women and of what age ranges; the same of doctors female and male were asked for their and before you wrote an article in your books?
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  Heidi Murkoff has been the co-author of the best selling What to Expect books. Two of the most famous books in this series include What to Expect When You're Expecting and What to Expect the First Year. Thus most of her books revolve around issues like parenting, child-rearing and pregnancy. You can contact Heidi Murkoff by writing to this address at Workman Publishing, 708 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

  You can ask any query about the What to Expect series through your letter mailed to the above given address. You can also try checking out the site at to know more about What to Expect series and matters found in this series. After the success of the series Heidi Murkoff is also involved in running an organization named What to Expect Foundation. It has helped several parents to get through pregnancy and child rearing.

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