Besides 'Eye Of The Needle,' What Other Books Did Ken Follett Write In The 1970s?


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Welsh novelist Ken Follett, known for his thrillers and historical fiction, has written thirty-one novels over the course of his career. Fourteen of these were written in the 1970s, and most of his earlier works were written under pseudonyms (the most-used being Simon Myles).

Novels Written by Ken Follett in the Seventies, in Chronological Order

- The Big Needle (1974)

- The Big Black (1974)

- The Big Hit (1975)

- The Shakeout (1975)

- The Bear Raid (1976)

- Amok: King of Legend (1976)

- The Modigliani Scandal (1976)

- The Mystery Hideout (1976)

- The Power Twins (1976)

- Paper Money (1977)

- Capricorn One (1978)

- Eye of the Needle (1978)

- Heist of the Century (1978)

- Triple (1979)

Ken Follett's work before Eye of the Needle, to put it politely, is considered mediocre by many. In fact, most critics and readers agree that his best works are Eye of the Needle and the six books published immediately after it.

His recent work, although a return to his original style, is generally not considered to be anything special.

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